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This Event is Cancelled

due to Lack of Interest!

Breakthrough Wellness Retreat 14 in

Beautiful Westminster, CO
(Overlooking the Rocky Mountains)
February 8-10, 2019

Colorado is the ideal place to spend time Transforming and Cranking the Code
on what has Held you Back!

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How much would you benefit from taking a weekend to focus on yourself to crank the code on what has held you back from dropping the weight for good and thriving?

“It was awesome to watch people transform over the weekend. I loved that there was no judgment and that we were all accepted the moment we walked in.” – Jocelyn

“The retreat was amazing – I loved the workouts, the music, the breakthroughs (WOW!) the interaction at the table, how the coaches were always available, making new friends, going home with a plan that WORKS – loved how it was tailor made by our inner genius!” – Treacy

How fun would it be to make this your final attempt (ever) at dropping weight?

Join Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Best-Selling Author, 12-time Ironman Finisher and 23-time Boston Marathon Finisher Jonathan Roche and a few other coaches for a Powerful and Life-Changing Weekend in Vermont!

The Coaches will work with you to crack the code on what has robbed you of permanent fitness and weight loss results.  You will leave this experience with the tools and personal roadmap (and ongoing support) to become the high-energy and healthy person that you deserve to be!

The Retreat format is a combination of:

• A Meet & Greet Friday evening.

• Non-Intimidating 30-minute Morning Workouts on Saturday and Sunday at 8AM.

• Presentations from the Coaches on Key Topics.

• Lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday.

• A Sunday late afternoon hike in Boulder at the beautiful Flatirons (the weather is often mild - in the 40s or 50s - so we should be able to fit in an amazing hike - we will split up into three groups so all levels are welcome):

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When:  Friday, February 8, 2019 through Sunday, February 10, 2019.  It starts with the Meet-and-Greet on Friday evening from 6-8PM and the weekend ends at 4PM on Sunday following by an optional hike that will end by 6 PM.

Where:  Westminster, Colorado - overlooking Boulder and the snow-covered Rocky Mountains.

Number of Participants: Limited to 65.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing 3 days I think I’ve ever had in my entire life – not including marrying the man I love almost 10 years ago and giving birth to my 2 boys, of course! You’ve given me hope that I WILL succeed this time.” – Tara

Here are key topics we have covered in the past to give you a sense of the content.  Most of the topics and content for Retreat 14 will be new including Jonathan's 12 Key Habits to Permanent Weight Loss (the topic of his 2nd book):

Topic #1: How did this happen?
Topic #2: Learning, Accepting & Moving On!
Topic #3: It’s Time to Re-Invent Yourself (YOU 2.0)!

Topic #4: Accepting the Head Coaching Position!
Topic #5: Your Whys Can Make You Unstoppable!
Topic #6: Be Your Family’s Chief Wellness Officer!
Topic #7: Learning to Control Your Negative Voice!
Topic #8: Nourish Your Relationship with Food
Topic #9: Mindful Eating
Topic #10: Unleash the Power of a New Story
Topic #11: Consistent Action in Spite of Fear
Topic #12: Your Habits Determine Your Happiness!
Topic #13: Building a World-Class Team to Help You Thrive!
Topic #14: Your Personal Thrive Plan!

“I was so impressed by the retreat.  I loved every minute.  The retreat helped me recognize that much of the pain I had thought was impossible to work through until I completed Physical
Therapy did not need to stop me.  They showed me “How I Can” as opposed to why I can’t.” – Candy

Accommodations:  Please note that Accommodations are not included in your Retreat fee.  See below for options.

Airport:  Denver International Airport is just 30 miles (an estimated 38 minute drive) from the host hotel - where the Retreat takes place and where we will all be staying.  So you an take a shuttle, rent a car or meet up with other participants (this is what many participants have done in the past) and share a ride or car.  The ride is absolutely beautiful as it is overlooking the snow-covered Rocky Mountains.

Cancellation Policy:  If a family situation comes up or you have an emergency you can defer to a future Retreat (the cut-off for this is up through 60 days prior to the start of the Retreat).

Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy:  If you don’t think that the Wellness Retreat was the best 

money you have ever invested in your health then you can request a full refund at the end.  No questions asked.  

We have had 350 people attend our prior Retreats and we are proud to say that we have never had a participant ask for a refund.  In fact, 55 out of the 63 participants at Retreat 11 in July of 2018 in Vermont signed up and paid in full for Retreat 12 in 2019 by the end of the last day of Retreat 11.  Why?  Because our Wellness Retreats are truly life-changing!

Fee: $697 Per Person


VIP Day (Spend a Bonus Day with Award-Winning Fitness Expert 

Jonathan Roche)


Spend the day with Jonathan on Friday, February 8th prior to the official start of the Retreat that evening (the Meet & Greet starts at 6PM).


What is VIP Day?


It starts at 10AM and it will include a catered lunch and will end at 4PM.  Our VIP group will spend the day going through Jonathan’s 24 Keys to Winning the Ironman of Life. 


This is not Jonathan doing a presentation.  It's the VIP group sitting as Jonathan guides you through the 24 Keys and more-importantly how to implement them immediately in your life.


The fee for the VIP Day is $297 and if you don’t think it was truly amazing then you can email Jonathan post-Retreat and receive a full refund. 

34 people participated in VIP Day at Retreat 11 and zero people asked for a refund.  And 40 people signed up for VIP Day for the Sold Out Retreat 12 that will take place in July of 2019.



One Retreat Spot for $697: Click here 

One Retreat Spot including VIP Day for $994Click here




As noted above, accommodations are not included in your Retreat fee.

The Retreat and morning workouts will take place at the beautiful aloft Hotel (pictured below)

Click here for the website and to book your room (they are giving us a special discount of $119 per night) or call (303) 635-2000 .

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